How to Prepare for Your Fittings


Q:  What do I bring to my first meeting with Cassandra? 

A:  This is the initial collaborative design and development meeting.  Please bring any ideas and images you have been collecting; these images can be elements from existing dresses that you like (or don't like), inspirational images, your event location, flowers, invitation ideas, even photos of yourself can help!


Q:  What do I bring to my first fitting? 

A:  All of the undergarments that you will be wearing the day of the event.  In order to have the perfect fit, the exact undergarments will need to be worn at each fitting.  


Q:  When will I need to buy shoes? 

A:  As soon as your fittings are in your "real" fabric, you will need to bring your shoes for the fittings in addition to your undergarments.   


Note: It is incredibly important that both the undergarments and the shoes worn for the fittings are the ones that you will actually be wearing for your event.  Once fittings commence, Cassandra asks that you do not change undergarments as they will alter the fit of the garment; similarly, once the hem is taken, Cassandra asks that you do not change your shoes.  Changes in these key fitting components will result in unnecessary alterations and unnecessary price increases.  

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